Cannot get TeamCity to update to the latest SVN revision

I'm using a TeamCity 6.5.6 server to build a VS2010 project, and for some reason I cannot get it to get the latest svn revision, it seems to want to stay one revision behind.  Take a look at these screenshots:

The 427 in this image indicates the subversion revision number.  No matter how many times I delete the working directory and re-run the build it is stuck on 427 (428 is the latest).

Here, you can see that it seems to see both the 427 and 428 revisions.  However if I select 428, I see this:

And if I try to trigger the build (i.e. click the "Run Build" button) I get the following:

I can go to the TeamCity server (Windows Server 2008), and open a command prompt, go to the build directory and run "svn up" and subversion updates it to 428 just as I'd expect, but TeamCity seems to insist on putting it back to 427.  I'm totally at a loss, I've been using this TeamCity server and running these builds for almost a year now and this is the first time I've run into this problem.  I recently updated to 6.5.6, so I'm not sure if it's a new (or old one re-introduced) bug or what.  Any suggestions on how to troubleshot this?

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Seems you have snapshot dependencies in the build configuration and checkout rules in the build configuration in question.

Also, it seems that the current build configuration is not affected by the change in revision 427 (probably due to checkout rules or VCS root settings).

So, it might happen that the change in revision 428 is not used in the build configuraiton in quesiton.

If this does make things more clear or I am not right in my guesses, please attach screnshots for the change log of the build configuraiton in quesiton, describe whather you have snapshot dependnencies and what are VCS root settings and checkout rules for all the involved build configuraitons.

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Nope, I have no dependencies defined at all (I can show you a screenshot, but it's empty with just the "Add new" links).

I'm not sure how TeamCity decides whether changes apply to a build or not, but I can say that if I wait a few minutes and do another check-in (what I've been using is just a .resharper file that has some project specific templates in it, just adding or removing a space from the end of the file) it will build the previous revision.  Like I said, it seems like it just want's to always be 1 revision behind.  I'm not sure what other rules or settings might have an effect on this, it seems like a pretty vanilla build configuration.  But let me know what other information I can provide.

Here's a screenshot of the VCS settings for the build config:


Here's a screenshot of the svn log, you can see in this one where I added a .cs file which is required to successfully build the project:
And here's another one that shows that I edited the Resharper file, which trigger the build of the previous revision (441) in TeamCity:

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Sorry for dropping out. The thread slipped through our filters after the holiday season :(

Is this still actual?

If yes, can you please note in how many build configurations the VCS root is used and also attach teamcity-vcs.log?
To make it not public, you can either send it via feedback email or create an isue in YouTrack and attach it there.

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We have since switched the project from SVN to a different VCS, so this isn't an issue anymore.  At the time the VCS configuration was used by this project's build configuration and was attached to a related build configuration (although that build configuration didn't actually need the VCS root attached, I think was just attached because we thought it required a VCS root to be attached).  I may be able to pull some old logs if you would like to check it out.


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