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My team would like to incorporate Buster.JS into our development process for front-end javascript code. We've also looked at jsTestDriver, but like Buster.js better. However, we have not been able to determine if Buster.js can be incorporated into TeamCity or not.

I read an article about using jsTestDriver with TeamCity. And the author of Buster.js has indicated that a TeamCity reporter will be ready soon.

I have personally not used TeamCity before, but using TeamCity is a requirement in the new group I'm working with. So please bear with me if I'm asking something obvious.

Does TeamCity support running node.js? Wouldn't this be necessary to use Buster.js? Because jsTestDriver is java-based, TeamCity can support it. But can it also support node.js?

Are there any resources I can be directed to in order to learn more about how to do this?


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Hi Tauren

As I seen in its docs, Buster.JS can save test results in Ant-compatible XML format. So TeamCity can import these reports XML Report Processing build feature.

Dedicated reporter uses alternate approach to pass test data from test runner to TeamCity by service messages. This way you can get feedback from the tests immediately and don't have to wait till complete build finish to get results from some specific test.



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