I just want to link PHP Subversion commits to Youtrack

Hello, sorry for such a basic question, I'm two days into searching and bruteforcing various settings to get the system to work to no avail.

I need none of the Teamcity functionality. I just want to issue Youtrack commands via commit comments like here:


This is what I basically did:

  1. Signed up for youtrack and set up asignees, the first project, created first issue, all's fine and dandy.
  2. Installed teamcity to a server, set up a user with matching email of the youtrack user, configured the svn repository we use (I created a new svn user for youtrack, was that rational?), pointed out the svn username for my teamcity user.

And nothing. Commiting with a message "test #ld-1 fixed" does absolutely nothing.

I tried making a build (I have not a faintest idea what it means in the PHP world), the PHP Storm teamcity plugin does see it, but that's it. I commited with the remote run option and it now says pending on the web interface, but it will never run as I've no idea what a build step means so the build is not fully configured.

I'm tearing my hair out, guys, please help me out. Again, I only need teamcity to bridge svn to youtrack. What must I do?

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