save build log in build step?

I'm using teamcity 6.5 and as a final step in my build I'd really like to save a copy of the build log to put with my build.  So far I've been able to creat a txt file that just calls the downloadlink

but I'd really just like a complete copy in a txt or html file to lkeep with the build.

Anyone know of a way to do this?


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Using the download link like you have mentioned is probbaly the closest. Another obvious approach might be to make your build script save own output in a file (and then just printing it into standard output to make it available in TeamCity as a buld log.

Cal you please detail why do you need to get the build log in the build itself?

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we're archiving our builds and wanted to have a text build log with the actual build.
I guess if there's no auto way to save the build log I'll have to manually go get it and copy :-(


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