Can TeamCity Projects Be Versioned?

Hello Gurus,

I am still a TeamCity rookie, but I have managed to build and deploy our project. We are nearing a release and started thinking about having to rebuild a released version in the future. In the old days Makefiles were part of the source and this was a non-issue. But in this framework that doesn't appear to be true.

TC project configuratons are going to change over time. When I first started a project there were 7 steps and it's now up to 15. Obviouly if I had a release early on, my current project could not build it as it would reference repository elements that didn't exist back then and others that no longer exist.

So the question is, if I wanted to do a rebuild of what we are releasing soon - knowing that the TC project will change - how do I preserve the current TC project for future rebuilds?

The only solution I can come up with is to archive the TC Project, after copying it, and then moving on to the next version with the "new" TC project.

Is that THE way?

Is there a better way?

Can these TC projects be "tarred" and put in the repository along with the code?

Or am I just missing something?



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There is an old issue on youtrack about this.



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