Source jar artifacts - setting artifact type in ivy.xml


I am creating both a appName.jar and appName-sources.jar as my build artifacts (the sources jar is set with classification="sources"). The teamcity-ivy.xml that is generated looks something like this:

<ivy-module version="1.4">
    <info organisation="org" module="btNo" revision="0001"/>
        <artifact name="appName-0001-sources" type="jar" ext="jar"/>
        <artifact name="appName-0001" type="jar" ext="jar"/>

However I really need the source jar type to have type="source". I.e.

        <artifact name="appName-0001-sources" type="source" ext="jar"/>

But as far as I can see there's nowhere in the artifacts paths (in general project settings) to do this.

Anyone know whether this requirement can be accomplished?


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