Run IDEA's project after build and see output


I installed TC 6.5 and am a noob.

I'd like to run Run configuration after successfull build on the machine with TC installed. I'd also like to se console output, generated files, ... by running defined IntelliJIdea's Run configruation.

For example: I am writing a very hard program which outputs number from 1 to 100 to console. I'd like my workflow to be like:
     1. Code program and test on toy examples locally on IntelliJIDEA
     2. Commit to VCS
     3. Build and run selected Run configuration on TC server
     4. See output of the program on the TC server.

I see this as an automation of compiling the program, copying it to remote machine and run it there (although this is not the main goal of Continuous integration servers I think).

Is this possible on TC or are there any other easy solutions (beside writing scripts alone :)).

Slavko Zitnik

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