Team City does not get latest from VCS in some cases


We have this issue that happens sporadically where Team City build runs but the latest source for the build is not retrieved from the configured VCS branch.

We are using TFS but this same issue used to happen with SVN.

The builds are using VCS Checkout Mode: Automatically on server.

I am reading about this VCS Checkout Mode and can only gather that Team City is trying to do it's own detection of change and it's not working for these files.

     "TeamCity optimizes communications with the VCS servers by caching the sources  and retrieving from the VCS server only the necessary changes (read more on  that)."

In the most recent case, we have updated graphic files with the same name. The modified date has changed on the files. The build is not detecting the updated files, retrieving them, and deploying to the web server, as expected.

I don't really want to change the builds to use "Automatically on agent" because it sounds like that is inefficient and doesn't support the checkout rules that we are using under the current mdoe.

Can anyone shed some light on why the change detection is failing?


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I just noticed that this issue is very similar to the one in recent thread:

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Tried a workaround suggested on this stackoverflow thread. Checking the "Enforce overwrite all files" option for "Agent checkout" in the VCS root configuration seemed to work.

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Also found Youtrack item:

Apparently this is a long standing issue for the Team City product and has not been resolved in code.


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