Can't find Mercurial repository

Hi,  I am setting up a new TeamCity server. (6.5.6, build18130).

I'm failing to configure the VCS root.

When I run test the connection, it says

'cmd /c hg identify "\\server\path\repo"' command failed.
stderr: abort: repository \\server\path\repo not found.

Note: there are spaces in my repo pathname, but I can't easily change this

If I run this command at the command line, it works fine

I've tried
- using drive letters
- full path to the hg binary

I can see an old reference to a problem like this from a couple of years ago
but the suggested fix is to use a mercurial plugin that is older than the one I've got.

The teamcity config is standard as far as I know.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Ha, after trying a  lot of things I updated to TortoiseHg 2.2.2 (with Mercurial 2.0.2) and that sorted it.


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