Some questions about statistics graphs and build log

Hello! Having TeamCity 6.5:

1. How to disable/remove predefined statistics on build configuration stats page?
Success Rate
Build duration (excluding checkout time)
Time spent in queue
Artifacts Size

like with code coverage:

<coverage-graph enabled="false"/>

2. According to your documentation, all statistics for all projects and all build configurations (if I want to display statistics per build configuration)
is placed in one single file main-config.xml (
Is that correct? If yes, you can imagine how much maintenance/complexity this single file will require.

Is there a way to have individual statistics XML file per each build configuration?

3. Is it possible to embed HTML into build log somehow? E.g. to make some valuable text bold.
Because currently embedded tags like <b> are escaped, probably to prevent XSS, etc.

Thank you!

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