Permission issues with ClearCase

I'm trying to use for my project. I in the initial stages of setup I've include the output of my build log. I'm using ClearCase 7.0 with a snapshot view. Any recommendations on what I've done wrong with my CVS configuration?



Build 'Real-time Reporting - Voyager (5.1) :: Real-time Reporting Server' #5.1.4
Started 'Sun Aug 16 22:48:31 PDT 2009' on 'ESX2VM2' by 'Richard Ney'
Finished 'Sun Aug 16 22:48:59 PDT 2009' with status 'ERROR Failure'
TeamCity URL http://esx2vm2:8080/viewLog.html?buildId=4&buildTypeId=bt25.1.4

[22:48:29]: bt2
[22:48:29]: Checking for changes
[22:48:31]: Clearing temporary directory: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\buildTmp
[22:48:31]: Checkout directory: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\c5b285c39efe9a41
[22:48:31]: Updating sources
[22:48:31]:     [Updating sources] Will perform clean checkout. Reason: Checkout directory is empty or doesn't exist
[22:48:31]:     [Updating sources] Building clean patch for VCS root: Viewpoint Server Development
[22:48:36]:     [Updating sources] Failed to build patch for build #5.1.4, build id: 4, VCS root: Viewpoint Server Development, due to error: cleartool: Error: \\filer2\vobstore\ProducerDirector.vbs\c\cdft\31\9\27448089e42b11dd85fa000180b4c8b3.msdos: Permission denied
cleartool: Error: Operation "file copy" failed: No such file or directory.

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Found issue with Web Server login on system

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Hi there, could you please explain what do mean by "Found issue with Web Server login on system"?

I am trying to solve the same problem,  thank you.

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As it was sait if a parallel thread, TeamCity Web Server service is started under account that does not have enough permissions over file system.

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Thanks for the reply, after chaning TeamCity webserver to the owner account, Teamcity can not find my agent anymore. Now I have to find a way to give the agent back to Teamcity.

I am going to read the manual, but if you know a shortcut, please help me, that will save a lot time.

thanks again.

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Hi I found the solution. For anyone with the same problem, after changing webserver log in account, you need to resart the agnet.

you can do this by calling agent.bat start in bin folder of the build agent.

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I'm glad you've solved the issue.

But just in case. agent.bat runs the build agent process within your user session interactively - it's started under your user account, and shows an application window.
Because usually you're launching the agent as Windows service in background, it needs to be started in alternate way. It can be done using native Services tool, or from command line by service.start.bat.



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