Does GroovyPlug work with TeamCity 7.0?

Contemplating upgrading from 6.5.x to 7.0, but before I start the install I really do not want to lose my ability to prevent certain projects from simultaneously building (an omission from TeamCity's feature set in comparison to CC.Net which still perplexes me but that's ok as long as Groovy Plug works).

The help page for Groovy Plug hasn't been updated since Jun 2011 and only offers a download for 6.5.x. Will it automatically "just work" with 7.x? Is anyone out there using it that can confirm this?

Many thanks.

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Hi Grant

Yes, trunk version is for TeamCity 7.0.
I've fixed the doc.


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Thanks Michael, just what I needed.

I got TC 7.0.1 up and running, had a few weird things happen (like Tomcat server fail to install the first time) but reinstalling again got me up and running now which is good. Absolutely *love* the new "Prompt" & Select options for build parameters, much more convenient than having developers edit projects to deploy to a different environment using a single project.

However if you are looking at documentation to enhance/supplement I would also suggest that the instructions page for setting up an external database for SqlServer. As written it didn't work for me - like many I have SqlServer 2005 Express installed on our server which perhaps was part of the issue as most problems revolved around the connectionUrl. It took many iterations and much googling before I did get there in the end thanks to other people's blogs about it. Specifically what worked for me was to:

(1) I installed v4 of the JDBC using the link below, rather than v3 in the link on your page 

(2) My file then ended up looking like this:

It could be that it can be made to work with v3, and also might be that the driverName line is not needed but a blog article I found did both those so they were part of getting to the eventual solution.

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Hello Grant,

thank you for the driver URL update - I've updated our documentation.

As of the driverName property - it allows to specify the driver class explicitly when the <TC_DATA_DIR>/lib/jdbc contains too many jdbc jars; but in common case it is not needed - the system should work without this property properly.



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