Svn checkout on TC 7.0 much slower than on TC 6.0


I have one Linux server running TC6.0.2 (build 15857)  and another Linux server running TC7.0 (build 21241).
I also have a Linux node where I build the checked-out software.

I have tested building exactly the same configuration on the buildnode using separate agents running as different users for the two TC servers.
For both TeamCity servers I use agent side checkout with svn 1.4 working copy format. I point at the same svn repo (1.6).

The svn checkout time for the TC 6.0 agent seems to be1 minute
[14:11:59]: Updating sources: agent side checkout... (1m:03s)

[14:11:59]: [Updating sources: agent side checkout...] Will perform clean checkout. Reason: Checkout directory is empty or doesn't exist
[14:11:59]: [Updating sources: agent side checkout...] Cleaning /mnt/ext4/builduser1/build-agent-work-dir/a2ea1002a1fe3414
[14:11:59]: [Updating sources: agent side checkout...] VCS Root: https://my_host/repos/my_repo (1m:03s)
[14:11:59]: [VCS Root:] checkout rules: xxxx/branches/2.0.7=>; revision: 25312_2012/03/08 13:52:58  +0100
[14:11:59]: [VCS Root: https://my_host/repos/my_repo] Will use fast SVN update

The svn checkout on the TC7.0 agent seems to be 8 minutes

[10:06:32]Updating sources: agent side checkout (8m:22s)
[10:06:32][Updating sources] Will perform clean checkout. Reason: Checkout directory is empty or doesn't exist
[10:06:32][Updating sources] Cleaning /mnt/ext4/builduser6/build-agent-work-dir/3a50c22d5b4c92f6
[10:06:32][Updating sources] VCS Root: https://my_host/repos/my_repo (1) (8m:22s)
[10:06:32][VCS  Root: https://my_host/repos/my_repo (1)] checkout rules: xxxx/branches/2.0.7=>; revision: 25758_2012/03/21 10:04:27  +0100

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Hello Anders,

  Please try installing plugin from to TC 7.0 and try checkout again. Would it help?


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Hi Kir,

The svn 1.7 working copy format of agent side checkout in TC 7.0 was incredibly slow, and is now much faster, thanks.
But this is not the issue in this case.

I think I have been asking the wrong question, I should instead have said:

"How can agent side checkout in TC 6.0 be so fast?"

I have done a normal checkout with the native Linux svn client, and got a time of about 7 minutes.
I did the same with a downloaded svnkit, the 7.1 release candidate, and got a checkout time of about 8 minutes.
So the TC 7.0 checkout time seems very reasonable.

How can TC 6.0 do this job in only 1:03 minutes (according to the build log)?

The current setting of TC 6.0 is to do a clean checkout and use svn 1.4 working copy format.
I also noticed the message "Will use fast SVN update".


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Hello Anders,

  I think, different working copies for subversion require different time to prepare working copy = checkout.

  SVN 1.7 client checks out 1.7 working copy for 7 minutes.

  TeamCity 6 does this within 1 minute - but it checks out 1.4 working copy, and this works faster.
  I think that if you'll try SVN 1.6 client on the virtual box, it will run under 1 minute fast as well.

  Will use fast SVN update works only for "update" operations, not for the clean checkout.

  Let's move discussion to the issue.



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