Amazon EC2 instance keeps running and won't shoot down.

I've configured a cloud agen just like discribed in documentation. Instance starts but never go down. It just reboots on idle timeout.
I want Amazon instance to starts on demend and after job terminate it.

Agent log:

[2012-04-04 22:30:12,698]   INFO - t.AmazonInstanceMetadataReader - Amazon is not available. Amazon EC2 integration is not active: Failed to connect to Read timed outRead timed out
[2012-04-04 22:30:12,699]   INFO - .amazon.agent.AmazonProperties - Fetched AmazonEC2 instance metadata:  
[2012-04-04 22:30:12,702]   INFO - zon.agent.AmazonMetadataChecks - Amazon EC instance metadata contains no keys
[2012-04-04 22:30:12,702]   WARN - .amazon.agent.AmazonProperties - Fetched Amazon EC2 instance metadata does not contain required values. Probably this agent was not started inside Amazon EC2. Is proxy server used?


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