What am I missing about Build Dependencies?


Our company is using TeamCity version 6.5 and Perforce for our VCS.  We have a problem trying to set up our build dependencies in TC and have them behave they way we would like.  Either we're missing something, or TC just doesn't do what we want yet.  Here's what we're basically trying to do.  We have a product branch that builds contininuously of course which we call our "CI build".  We also have another build configuration pointing to the same product branch that will do full clean builds 3 times a day which we call "Full Builds".  We originally set up a build snapshot dependency between the two configurations where we wanted the Full build to build when the CI build had no pending changes and was successful.  That works great if the CI build isn't running all the time due to a lot of developer activity.  If there is a lot of activity, then the Full Build fails to kick off at it's scheduled time, because of all the pending changes.  What we would really like is when the Full Build is triggered to have it to run using the last successful CI build label (really a Perforce changelist number), and we haven't found a slick way to do that without messing up the TC "change log"  (i.e. the change log inaccurately reflects the changes really in the build, because it may be using a really old good CI build).  So, are we mising something?  We looked at the artifact dependencies, but we don't fully understand them or how they impact the TC changelog.

J. Atkinson

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