Installing Build Agent on AWS EC2

We have team city installation running on a server on our corporate network.  It is publically available to the outside world at (let's say)  We have three build agents connected to this server and have been running successfully for at least a year.
Today, we installed a build agent on an EC2 instance.  We've opened up the firewall on this instance to all EC2 groups.  The windows firewall is turned off. This server has an elastic IP (public static IP) address assigned to it.  This IP is 23.XX.YYY.ZZZ.   When i navigate to http:// 23.XX.YYY.ZZZ:9090/RPC2 from our team city server, i get a 400 response, saying Method GET not implemented (try POST).

The problem is, the build agent is never showing up on the server as an unauthorized agent.

This is what is logged in the agent log:

[2012-03-31 22:25:30,861]   INFO - buildServer.AGENT.registration - Registering on server, AgentDetails{Name='EC2 Build Agent', AgentId=null, BuildId=null, AgentOwnAddress='23.XX.YYY.ZZZ', AlternativeAddresses=[,  23.XX.YYY.ZZZ], Port=9090, Version='21241', PluginsVersion='NA', AvailableRunners=[], AvailableVcs=[], AuthorizationToken=''}
[2012-03-31 22:25:31,953]   WARN - buildServer.AGENT.registration - Call buildServer.registerAgent3: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target
[2012-03-31 22:25:31,953]   WARN - buildServer.AGENT.registration - Connection to TeamCity server is probably lost. Will be trying to restore it. Take a look at logs/teamcity-agent.log for details (unless you're using custom logging).

Nothing relevant seems to be logged in the server logs.

We are out of build agent licenses on the server - i assume an additional agent would connect but just couldn't be authorized?  Or could this be why it's not connecting?

How can i debug this?
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Hi Jason

Your TeamCity server uses HTTPS encryption, but the agent does not aware of its certificate.
Using HTTPS to access TeamCity server article explains how to configure agents to use custom certificates.


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