Trigger option to set specific build parameters?

I'm looking for a way to attach some specific build parameter to a scheduled trigger.

The idea is that we are continously building debug versions of our products. Our nightly build has to be a release build, though. The build configurations for most of our projects is absolutely the same. It even has a configuration parameter, already. So all I would need is a trigger which allows for specifying an override for a single build parameter. That would cut the build configurations to maintain by half.

Is there a way to achieve this?

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We have this feature request in TW-6439, tou can vote for it.
One of workarounds suggested there is to trigger the build by external HTTP request.

But the problem with this feature is that you build different projects by a single build configuration.
For example, your nightly build starts additional tests. These tests are broken, so the build fails.
Next morning your start new build. It does not run these broken tests, so the build becomes green again.
Such way build problems are just hidden, not fixed.


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