Using of CVS revision for build

From TeamCity 5.0 for current build you should use current CVS root revision, but I want to use revision of whole CVS for that. I tried to add new CVS root, which showed to main folder of my Subversion and added rule not ot checkout that, but this idea failed, because I need to do checkout to update version of that root.
Is there is any way to use CVS revision as build number?

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Hi Igor

Not sure I understand the question.
Does feature request TW-11400 explain your case?

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No, it's not the same.

For example:
I have such Subversion repository derictories
TRUNK - for all projects
TRUNK/PROJECT1 - Project1 directory (CVSROOT1)
TRUNK/PROJECT2 - Project2 directory (CVSROOT2)

I have 2 build configurations - for Project1 and for Project2, both have their own CVS roots (CVSROOT1, CVCROOT2)

When TC creates build it uses revision of last changes in CVSROOT1 and revision of last changes in CVSROOT2, but instead of that I need use TRUNK revision for both.

How can I do it, please?

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For that you can create a common VCS root that points to TRUNK, and perform selective checkout using VCS Checkout Rules.



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