Teamcity Code Inspections with False VB Errors

We have notice a few inspection errors that are generated that are not really errors.

If we have a variable declared in a Block and the use of that variable is not excatly the same case wise then an error is reported on the Teamcity inspections that the local variable 'Foo' hides a variable in an enclosing block, a previous defined range variable, or an implicitly declared variable in a query expression. The thing is that VB is not case sensitive, but the only way to get rid of this error is to make sure that all variables use the exact same case as the declaration.

Attached are images of this error:
HealthCare Assistant __ Analyze Code _ #6.9.09.png
AllProjects - Microsoft Visual Studio (Administrator)_2012-5-1_10-9-15.png

We are also getting errors that it Types cannot be converted yet on the developers machines in visual studio there is no errors reported.
Attached are screen shots of this error:

HealthCare Assistant __ Analyze Code _ #6.9.09 Cannot Convert.png
AllProjects - Microsoft Visual Studio (Administrator)_2012-5-1_10-17-5NoErrors.png

What can we do to resolve these inconsistencies with Teamcities code inspections of VB.NET code? Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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An update for anyone that is experiencing the same issues as these. The errors about the types not being able to be converted, I was able to resolve them by change the references in the project from being file references to project references. Once I did that the errors went away.



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