MaintainDB Very Slow

Hello all, I am migrating our current TeamCity database (HSQLDB) to a MSSQL database, I am using the maintaindb command, however, the process appears to be VERY slow.
I've been sitting here for about an hour waiting for this to complete.
The point at which the process has appeared to stop is exporting the tables.
Its at table test_info right now with about 5 million rows.
This theoretically shouldn't take this long. the database is only 397mb in total.
My processor is maxed out but my memory still has a bunch of free space.
is there some reason why this is taking so long?

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Hi Ben

Yes, this is the biggest table in the database and its migration can take several hours.
Here we're limited by performance of HSQLDB engine.

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Experience the same "test_info_ contains 6 092 660 rows.
It is now about 20 hours since first time I spotted that it was stuck on this step.

Is there any point in aborting and try something different, or do we have to do without TeamCity today as well?


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I've created a change request TW-21451 to add progress reporting to the tool.



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