deleting, versioning, and restoring a project

Can a project (active or archived) be "tarred", removed, put in version control, and later restore it as an active project?

I have been poking around and noted that a project name shoes up in .BuildServer/config/ (with ~7 various .xml and properties files) and .BuildServer/system/artifacts as folders .

So if I were to archive (or not) a project, could I tar up the above project directories, remove and store them, and then sometime in the future restore them for use? Would they show up as an active projects while gone? What if I were to rehame these projects to be called "transient-project" and did the above? One name/one slot/many images as required?

I really don't want to experiment with a production build system, but it seems this is a basic SCM issue with TC. Eventually I'll set up a test system, but would like to know if it has been tried and already a dead horse.

Certainly I can't be the first to see this need.

Any words of wisdom from the JB gurus?



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