Command line runner not working

Hi - I am trying to setup a build process to call my executable "ProtoSphere.exe" located in "C:\Dev\3_0\Binaries\Win32", but all I get is this in the build log:

[2012-05-01 15:14:48,325] out - Starting: C:\Dev\3_0\Binaries\Win32\ProtoSphereGame.exe make
[2012-05-01 15:14:48,325] out - in directory: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\395f780ee656339a
[2012-05-01 15:14:48,327] err - C:\Dev\3_0\Binaries\Win32\ProtoSphereGame.exe make

Some sort of error is happening...not sure what though...I'm thinking I have some settings wrong, but it seems pretty straightforward:

Working Directory: Left blank
Run: Executable with parameters
Command Executable: C:\Dev\3_0\Binaries\Win32\ProtoSphereGame.exe
Command Parameters: make

After I start it up, it just sits there "running", but never gets past that last line in the Build Log.

Changing the working directory I get the same end result it seems:

[2012-05-01 15:24:34,761] out - Starting: C:\Dev\3_0\Binaries\Win32\ProtoSphereGame.exe make
[2012-05-01 15:24:34,761] out - in directory: C:\Dev\3_0\Binaries\Win32
[2012-05-01 15:24:34,763] err - C:\Dev\3_0\Binaries\Win32\ProtoSphereGame.exe make

Any idea what I'm doing wrong, if anything?

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Hi Ray

The issue looks cosmetic - actually the process is started and completed successfully.
Though I created a bug TW-21513 in our issue tracker.


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Hello, Ray,

Just to clarify, does the build finish normally and the only problem is err message in teamcity-agent.log?
What's Build log in your case?

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Hi Victory,

On the site output, the build finishes with the status of Failed, if that's what you mean.
The build log just has that error message as the last message, nothing more. Sorry,
I don't have the log files anymore since I've moved the stuff to a different pc, so I can't
give you anymore details...but I know the error was in the build log file.



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