TeamCity 7.0 NuGet server, sources and symbols


I have some library packages that TeamCity is hosting in it's built in NuGet server which I have checked the 'Include sources and symbols' in the pack step.

Is it possible to have the projects that have these packages installed from the TeamCity server to also include the sources and symbols? Or is that setting purely for publishing to

It seems I can see in the artifacts the .nupkg and a .symbols.nupkg, and sometimes when installing the package I get the src folder and it puts the .pdbs in the lib folder. However, I have a package hosted on TC which has both packages, but when I install it, it only installs the binaries and not the src folder or pdbs... Is there anything I can specify to have nuget also always install the symbols.nupkg?

Update: Looking at the conversations with TC in fiddler, it seems that sometimes the server returns a link to *.symbols.nupkg files in the results it returns to nuget, and sometimes just to the *.nupkg files.



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