TeamCity working with snapshot dependencies + NAnt + Nuget(?)


I am user of TC since version 4 as .NET's developers. After this years we never used snapshot dependencies, but now we have a lot of projects, lof of dependencies between them and we have to. I am making some spike about that and I am wondering about few things. First if I configure snapshot dependencies I need to get them on developer computer because localy builds are need it. So first question is if we are using NAnt to copy to developer machine dependencies are there some third party tools to use configuration from TC. I know that I can write own and eg. use REST Api but I am wondering if nobody else has this problem with local builds and maybe he/she knows some tools for that? Second thing about what I am thinking is Nuget in TC can it be connected with snapshot dependencies is some ways? From other side maybe my point of view is wrong if that is true then please explain why.


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