Problem while retrieving multiple build steps using REST API in TeamCity v6.5.5

I am trying to retrieve Build Steps for the existing build configuration in TeamCity v6.5.5.

My REST request is returning only one Build Step, even if I have multiple build steps configured for the build configuration.

Currently, am using REST API for the TeamCity v6.5.5 version server.

REST request is returning the Build Step in the form of <runparameters />, for eg:


           <property name="script.content" value="dir" />

       <property name="use.custom.script" value="true" />


If my build configuration is having multiple build steps, it is not returning multiple build step related infomation.

Please suggest me on how to proceed further.
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This feature is supported in TeamCity v7.x,

Need help in implementing the same functionality in TeamCity v6.5.5.


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