Ability to set reconnect retry period on TeamCity Build Agent


We are using TeamCity 7.0.2 with several build agents on Linux. Each of the agent boxes has multiple network cards in them.
I have set the ownAddress= property in buildAgent.properties to the IP address of the primary NIC.
We have build configurations that run unit tests which cause the other NICs in the boxes to go up and down. This sometimes causes the Build Agent to stop responding to the server. It will eventually reconnect and push the results to the server, but the delay seems to be around ~30 minutes. This causes instances where the build has finished it's run and is sitting there for a long time while the Build Agent waits to try to connect again.

Is there any way to set the retry period for when the Build Agent disconnects from the server?


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Please attach logs from the agent.
For details, please take a look at Reporting Issues - TeamCity 7.x Documentation - Confluence

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I have been trying to reproduce this but have been unable to. Maybe something changed in 7.0.3.
I also adjusted our code to not require certain network interface manipulation, so that this should not be a problem for us anymore.



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