Vault VCS and Pending Changes


We are running TeamCity Version 7.0.2 and using Vault Pro as our VCS.

The setup is as follows. Project 1 is a confured build in TC. Project 2 is not ( at the moment anyway! ) Changes that occur in Vault for Project 2 are showing under the Project 1 Pending Changes in TC. The build is being triggered correctly, ie only when Project 1 changes are seen in Vault. Can I exclude these other Vault changes and only have the VCS details for Project 1 in the TC build.


$/Project 1/Project1.sln

$/Project 2/Project 2.sln

$/Other/Related but not code/etc

So a VCS root covers both projects.
A build is being triggered on a wildcard of **/Project 1/**
Changes in Vault for Project 2 are showing under the Project 1 TeamCity project. Is there any way to stop seeing this?? Can this be done as an exclusion for the build trigger??

I hope I have managed to give you engough detail! Any help much appreciated.

Many thanks,


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Hi Peter

You can use VCS Checkout Rules like


This type of filter works not only for triggering, but for pending changes and actual file checkout too.
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Apologies for the late reply, but that works splendidly!

Thanks for the help,



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