JRuby options in a Rake runner?

I need to configure the memory usage of Jruby when running a rake task using -J-Xmx but I'm not seeing how to use a Rake runner and an RVM interpreter and pass parameters to JRuby. Is there a way to do this and use a Rake runner? I could use a command line, but then, unless I'm missing something, I lose the Test::Unit test reporting.

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Hello Andy,
Currently there is no way to specify interpreter additional parameters in rake-runner. I have filled TW-21816 feature request, please watch/vote it.

Possible Workaround: if you are run configuration on Linux agents, you may specify some env variables:
JAVA_MEM for -Xmx
see jruby.sh sources

About command line and Test:Unit integration see http://devnet.jetbrains.net/message/5460688 topic.

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Hi Andy,
Also i have found topic about JRUBY_OPTS ( http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8283300/how-do-i-use-jruby-opts-with-rvm )
May be useful in your case.


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