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Similar questions have been asked before, but the answers never seem to be straightforward, so I am going to try again. I want to know if there is ANY way to reuse a build template outside of a single project.

I am setting up a TeamCity server for a development group that consists of multiple teams each working on an individual implementation project. These teams each have their own project in TeamCity, with appropriately configured permissions. Although each project is independent, all of the projects tend to have the same basic pieces: a public website, an internal website, and several broad categories of console application (mostly data ETL). So what I would like to do is create build templates for each of those pieces that the individual project administrators can then attach their own projects to.

It seems that there is currently no way to reuse a build template across multiple projects, either by attaching a build configuration to a template from another project, or by copying the template between projects (the former would be vastly better than the latter, but either one would be an improvement over the current situation). This means that there is no practical way for me to use the build template feature, and instead I must resort to the "old" method of writing out instructions (which will most likely not be read) and then personally guiding the team leads through the process.

What I don't understand is that a blog post announcing a new build of the 5.0 EAP in October 2009 specifically mentioned "cross-project associations between templates and configurations" as being available. Yet I cannot find any evidence - in the product interface, the documentation, or Google searches - that such a feature actually exists. Can someone clear this up? Was the blog post mistaken? Was the feature added and later removed?

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Hi David

We have a feature request for template copying in TW-11201, you can vote for it.

At the moment Create Build Configuration from Template action adds it to the same project.
But you can associate existing configuration with a template from any other project:

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Thanks for the tip Michael. Am I correct that this association cannot be done during the initial build configuration (the "wizard" that walks you through steps 1 through 3)? As far as I can tell, associating a build configuration to a template can only be done after the configuration is complete. That means creating a "dummy" build step, attaching to the template, then removing the dummy build step.

It is better than nothing, but it is not a particularly user-friendly process. Is there an open feature request for having the option to create a build from a template without being an administrator on the project where the template is located?

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Better later then never: a request for creating a build configuration based on a template from another project in single step.


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