TeamCity strengths compared to Microsoft TFS Team Foundation Build 2010

So I am in the process of championing the idea of using TeamCity instead of Microsoft TFS Team Build 2010.
We use Team Foundation Server as source control (this isnt up for being changed , so svn is out of the question ). Also a majority of our projects are done in Visual Studio.
In short the question posed to me is what does TeamCity provide that Microsoft TFS Team Build 2010 doesn’t.
My general answer is along the lines that I believe teamCity is much quicker way to setup and maintain through upgrades.
One could say the cost of the license is easily paid for by the time saved configuring TeamCity.
Also the reporting seems more organized and everything is in one area Code Coverage build history users and groups ect.
It supports Nant even though right now we mostly use MSBuild for most teams.
Are there any other points I may be leaving out? Below are some helpful resources I found for this discussion. (ignoring the cruise control comparisons)
Thank you

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We actually were using TFS for building for a little while and for revision control. We went through a similar evaluation and the major reasons were what you and the posts mentioned. The big TeamCity wins for us were: ease of use, presentation, support for multiple build technologies (besides .NET), pricing, customer support by TeamCity developers, frequency of updates. TFS is a big FAIL in all of these categories. We've been using TeamCity for 4 years and haven't regretted it once.

Hope this helps you sell the idea!

Best regards,

P.S. Sorry to hear you are married to TFS for version control.


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