Groovy Plugin: TriggeredBy & MSBuild


I need the current username of the author who triggered the current build on TC 7 (from a Mercurial repo). Using Groovy (v7.0-8 it is installed!), in my MS build script, I have this:

<Message Text="Build Start: $(build_start_date)" />
<Message Text="Current User: $(build_triggeredBy)" />
 <Message Text="Current User: $(build_triggeredBy_username)" />

...however, looking at the build log, nothing gets substituted for the triggeredby values. I get this output;

[Build] Build Start: 20120612
[Build] Current User:
[Build] Current User:

What am I doing wrong?



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Hi Paul,

build.triggeredBy is a configuration parameter (no "system." prefix), so it is not passed into the build automatically. You can pass it if you define a new system property with the value %build.triggeredBy%.


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