How to trigger only one build for check-ins to multiple VCSs

Hello All,

I have a build configuration with 2 VCS roots (both Mercurial). The build is triggered by VCS check-in, with a quiet period of 60 seconds. What I would like is to check-in to one VCS, quickly check-in to the other VCS, and have *one* build triggered after waiting the quiet time, because it is likely that if a build is triggered after only checking in to one VCS, the build will be broken.

What is happening is: I check-in to both VCSs, TeamCity detects both changes, waits the quiet period, then triggers one build that includes only the changes from the first check-in, and queues a second build that includes changes from the second check-in.

I thought the quiet period would eliminate that first (likely broken) build. Is there something else I need to do to make that happen?

Using: TeamCity Professional 7.0.3, Mercurial 2.6.6


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I should have mentioned that "Include several check-ins in build if they are from the same committer" is checked.

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Hi Ann,

Sorry for the delay in replying.

Please see/votre for TW-20666. Unfortunately, current you will need to disable per-checkin trigger option in order to make quiet period be respected.


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