Delayed commit failed using eclipse plugin

After choosing changes to submit for a build and commit upon success, we are seeing a dialog as attached.
We have found that you can try the commit again, possibly several times, and it will succeed. Or, you can right-click on the message in the My Changes View and commit.

This has happened in several development environments. TeamCity 7.0.3, plugin for eclipse. SVN version control, version 1.7 working directory structure. TC server is RH linux, client is Windows 7.

Has anyone experienced this or have an idea what is happening?

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Hello Michael,

I'm investigating issue.
Could you please provide some logs and information about files ("fb_fusion.jsp")_ what is local verion, what is remote version? Logging can be enabled as described here:

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The remote version is 201921 and the local local revision was modified, but the error dialog shows the version is empty. More information on the steps leading to the issue:

- The remote run was re-submitted several times, and it failed while naming 1 or 2 files, but every time there were different (random?) files.

- The errors occurred with the new plugin (patched for the multi-line comment support), and possibly with the old one too.

- Every time, we checked and he had the latest revision of these files in his working copy prior to submitting. These latest repo revisions on these files were more than 10 days old actually, so no race condition with another developer.

- Finally, we double checked that the MyEclipse project was properly associated with SVN, down to the specific files, and they always were.

If the plugin is unable to determine the local SVN revision, that has nothing to do with network. Determining the local revision is just looking up the cached values in the .svn folder. Sometimes the remote version is reported empty, sometimes to local version is reported empty.


The error can happen consistently several times in a row and then when repeated on a set of files then be successful. This is happening in several development environments (so, not environment specific).

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Any further thoughts on this? I know that the 7.1 GA release is only a few weeks away and want to be sure that any issue here is corrected. This specific issue seemed much worse after applying the patch for the multi-line comment support. Several developers are find this particularly annoying, especially as it does not happen consistently.

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Hi, Michael

It seems to be fixed in latest EAP.
This bug was related to TW-22030.
Check new EAP please =)


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