VCS Trigger Rules do not trigger if no files change

I would like to trigger builds when the commit has a certain comment, these commits do not always have changed files because they are merge commits. Unfortunately Trigger rules ignore commits that don't have changed files with ** as the filepath.

For example:

+:comment=^Queuing merge:**

Will only trigger if the merge commit includes a file change.

I would have put this issue on YouTrack, but even while logged in it tells me to login and says I do not hav permission to create issues.

Also, is something going on with your sites? All of them are incredibly slow at the moment.

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I just tested leaving the ** off,

+:comment=^Queuing merge:

That seems to pick up builds even when there are no changes to that commit, so I think this is what I want. Maybe this should be documented?

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Nevermind, it seems fickle. I can't quite tell what's going on, but it seems to not work. Is there a way to trigger a build based on just the comment even if there are no changes in the commit?


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