Build multiple projects from a single .sln file

I have been scowering the web for how to build a visual studio sln file with multiple projects in it for a few days now. It seems like the only way to do this is either use an MSBuild script or create dependencies. First off, I do not want to use an MSBuild script I want to be able to solely use the sln file. Second, the project builds fine in visual studio but when I try to build it using team city I get a ton of errors such as these " *.cs(**, **): error CS0234: The type or namespace name className does not exist in the namespace namespaceName (are you missing an assembly reference?) ". The other thing is I tried to create a dependency but it seems impossible to create an artifact dependency since I have no previous builds granted I can't really find a good tutorial on how to create dependencies. Can anyone help me get this built?

Thanks in advance

PS I don't know if this affects anything but I am using VS 2010

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