The linux agent never appear in 'Agents' tab

Once again, i find that it's successful to install a linux agent from team city server, but the linux agent never appear in 'Agents'. I can't find out any linux agent in my 'Agents' tab.

[14:10:36]: AgentPush v21424 - Install Agent on remote host
[14:10:36]: Looking for Target Host...
[14:10:36]: Validating TeamCity Server Root URL '' ...
[14:10:40]: Starting agent push to ''(IP: using username 'root'. Target platform: 'Unix'
[14:11:00]: [] Starting the Agent under 'root' account...
[14:11:00]: [] Starting TeamCity build agent...
[14:11:00]: [] Java executable is found in '/usr/bin/..'.
[14:11:00]: [] Done [13059], see log at ../logs/teamcity-agent.log
[14:11:00]: [] WARNING: The TeamCity Agent installed as standalone application and will not start automatically on machine reboot.
[14:11:00]: [] Cleaning temporary installation's resources...
[14:11:00]: [] Successfully installed build agent on 'test-1' to '/root/BuildAgent'
[14:11:01]: Remote agent installation successful.

this above is the log when installing an agent whose OS is Linux.

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I'm spliting your thread into two separate conversations.

Probably your agent machine cannot acept incoming TCP-connections from TeamCity server.
Please check teamcity-server.log file for errors, and ensure that these connections are not blocked by a firewall on the agent machine.

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Hi Michael,

i got the reason:  the java version was lower (1.4) on my Linux agent machine, so i download a 1.6 version of Java, the linux Agent comes out.


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