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I've been reading the documentation about using the agent push option to install agents on remote Windows machines.  My organization is looking at possibly utilizing EC2 for our build agent architecture, and so we are looking for a way to have this push done without the need to pre-install the JRE on our cloud machines.  The documentation suggests that you shouldn't need the JRE installed when pushing to Windows, as the push process will automatically grab a ZIP of the JRE from TEAMCITY_SERVER_ROOT/webapps/ROOT/update/  Our installation of TeamCity 7.0.4 doesn't seem to have this file though, and I can't find reference to it anywhere on the internet.

Does anyone know where I can get this zipped agent JRE package?


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Hi Paul.

Currently this feature is experimental. You may pack jre version 6 as "" and place it into "TEAMCITY_SERVER_ROOT/webapps/ROOT/update/" directory.
Arcive must contains directories "bin", etc. Also install srcript trys to download jre from internet (jre6u25-win32).

You may use "TEAMCITY_SERVER_ROOT/jre" as jre. or pack any other jre.


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