Connecting to Amazon EC2 Instance

I've set up an Amazon EC2 linux server. I've been able to push the agent to this server from our windows TeamCity server that sits behind the firewall. I'm routing all traffic that comes into the public IP:Port 81 to the internal TeamCity server. The agent install succeeds. Now I'm unable to get the TeamCity server to 'see' the agent in the agents tab. I'm not sure what I'm missing. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi David

Please check that TeamCity server can open TCP-connections to its cloud agents. Usually it requires to open additional ports in Amazon's Security Group settings.
Try to start a browser on TeamCity server machine and open http://agent:9090/ address. The agent should respond with Method GET not implemented (try POST) message.
Also teamcity-server.log file should contain detailed error message.

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thanks for the reply. It appears it's working. I think the problem was the port wasn't open. I appreciate your help.


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