Checking out wrong revision when building SVN branch


When trying to build a .sln in a subversion branch, TeamCity seems to check out the wrong revision:

+:Applications/MyApp/branches/20120328_1113_Rel5.2=>. (correct path to branch)

The newest revision number of this branch is 42396.

When I check the Build Parameters of the build, the property is 42319.
The property is 42419 (the latest revision of the entire VCS Root).

My checkout mode is "Automatically on server".
Clean all files before build = yes.

At the beginning of the log it says something about "transferring cached clean patch for VCS root: SVNRoot". Might it be a caching problem?

[13:25:00]Updating sources: server side checkout (10s)

[13:25:00][Updating sources] Will perform clean checkout. Reason: "Clean all files before build" turned on

[13:25:00][Updating sources] Transferring cached clean patch for VCS root: SVNRoot

[13:25:04][Updating sources] Building incremental patch over the cached patch

[13:25:06][Updating sources] Repository sources transferred: 37.62Mb total

[13:25:06][Updating sources] Removing D:\TcAgent2\work\MyApp

[13:25:06][Updating sources] Updating D:\TcAgent2\work\MyApp

[13:25:06][Updating sources] Removing D:\TcAgent2\work\MyApp

[13:25:06][Updating sources] Removing D:\TcAgent2\work\MyApp

I already restarted the Buildserver and all the agents, did not solve the problem.
The problem only seems to exist when dealing with branches, when building the trunk it all works well.

Update: We're using TeamCity Enterprise 7.0.4 (build 21474)

Cheers, David

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