sample assembly descriptor for teamcity to include transitive dependency artifact?

I am trying to package custom server app with assembly plugin in team city.
It is invoking my assembly descriptor and going through dependency set and copies file.
However, it is not copying transitive dependencies. It only copies direct dependency listed in the pom file.
Configuration works fine in my local enviroment and assembles fine but not in teamcity 7.0 server(7.0.3 build 21424)

I used and tweaked these parameters in assembly descriptor and I can not find combination to include transitive dependency jars.


is there setting I am missing here?

MavenBuildInfo is listing all the dependency artifacts correctly including all the transitive dependencies.
It just does not copy transitive dependecy jars.

thanks for any suggestion.

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What version of assembly plugin is used? What versions of maven do you use on TeamCity (that does not work) and to package app locally (that works)?
Could you please attach a screenshot of maven build step configuration page where you try to pacakge your app?


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