rare Issue with version 7.0.4 slow in checkin updates

Hi, the problem is that when build is run, take about 10-15 mins in checking updates from TFS 2010 then run the build configuration, this happen in my server with version 6.5.2

When i installed a new server a Virtual Machine over winxp wmware worksation 6, W2003 with 1gb RAM, two virtual disk of 10 and 40 GB, running Teamcity 7.0.4, y configured the build for the project connect to the same TFS 2010 server, try and run smoothly, i mean the checking update server take at least 1 min

The Only Main diference between these two servers are;

1. Prod has 2GB RAM, Test has 1GB
2. Prod has a database (ORACLE), Test Local HSQL

then the features are the same, same configuration

i really felt confuse about the diference between performance

any advice

best regards


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