TeamCity [MSTest] crashes during test execution: Failed to read testOutcome

I have a test project in dot net, which I am running nightly on teamcity build server. It is a big test (acceptance test) and takes around 10 minutes for one test, since it runs towards real SFTP server. It involves some file transferring.
So It was running perfectly fine, when all of a sudden the test stated failing a few days ago. It happens in the middle of the test run (when we are waiting for a file) and the error is as foolows.

[15:19:45][Step 2/2] MSTest
[15:19:45][MSTest] Found 1 test definitions.
[15:19:45][MSTest] Test 'MyTestName': Failed to read testOutcome
[15:19:45][MSTest] There were no tests reported. Wrong or broken .trx file?
[15:19:45][Step 2/2] Process exited with code 1

I know the test exits early bcoz the process is still runnig on the server, and the test should have been just waiting in a loop for the file to be received. I dont find any help n the internet, anyone has some ideas? It will be really helpfull
Thanks in advance,


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Could you post this trx-file please.

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The .trx file it is looking for (as shown in build log) does not exist the the folder!
There are some other .tmp files but with fifferent names. Since there are other projects mapped
here as well.


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