TeamCity agent cleans too much


I have noticed a strange behavior of TeamCity agents. It cleans the whole working directory some times. I've checked at logs today, and found this :

[2012-08-22 17:39:16,206]   INFO - ies.DirectoryMapUnknownCleaner - Delete /home/teamcity/work/daily directory is not listed in
[2012-08-22 17:39:16,206]   INFO - rectories.DirectoryCleanerImpl - Move directory /home/teamcity/work/daily to /home/teamcity/work/.old/daily_0 for cleaning
[2012-08-22 17:39:16,213]   INFO - se.agent.ClearCaseAgentSupport - ClearCase agent checkout is disabled: Could not find executable: 'cleartool'. Original message: Cannot run program "cleartool" (in directory "."): error=2, No such file or directory
[2012-08-22 17:39:16,218]   INFO - buildServer.AGENT.registration - Registering on server, AgentDetails{Name='selenium', AgentId=null, BuildId=null, AgentOwnAddress='null', AlternativeAddresses=[], Port=9090, Version='21424', PluginsVersion='21424-md5-786df76d7ba6c83c2f9671f7bcfd7d3f', AvailableRunners=[Ant, Duplicator, gradle-runner, Inspection, Ipr, JPS, Maven2, rake-runner, simpleRunner], AvailableVcs=[perforce, mercurial, jetbrains.git, svn, cvs], AuthorizationToken='4ad4d559202b9c70a46f9c1a27290213'}
[2012-08-22 17:39:16,219]   INFO - agent.impl.AgentPortFileWriter - Writing agent runtime file to /usr/local/teamcity/buildAgent/logs/buildAgent.port
[2012-08-22 17:39:16,220]   INFO - agent.impl.AgentPortFileWriter - Launcher version is 21424
[2012-08-22 17:39:16,220]   INFO - agent.impl.AgentPortFileWriter - Writing agent runtime file to /usr/local/teamcity/buildAgent/logs/buildAgent.port :DONE!
[2012-08-22 17:39:16,226]   INFO -    jetbrains.buildServer.AGENT - Build agent started
[2012-08-22 17:39:16,707]   INFO - ctories.CleanupRegistryCleaner - Start deleting files from /home/teamcity/work/.old

But if I look at, I can see this line :

bt27=daily::parisrd quick linux -> /home/teamcity/work/daily/parisrd/default |?| Aug 23, 2012 6:50:37 PM CEST |:| default

So why would agent clean this directory?

I've seen that custom work directory could be an issue, mine is configured as following :

Checkout directory:          

mode, repo, branch, are project parameters that are different for each build. (mode is daily/nightly/weekly, repo is the mercurial repository, branch the mercurial branch)

Is there something to do to have more log info maybe?



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