With TC7.1 Git branches, teamcity.build.branch is set to <default> - which means I can't use it as a folder name...

I've got a CI build pulling feature branches from Github and building/packaging them into a local folder, using a folder naming convention based on the project, branch and build number.

For named branches (feature1, feature2) this is working great.

The problem is that when I do a commit to the master, TeamCity exposes teamcity.build.branch as <default> - which means when the build step expands


it's ending up with E:\Packages\MyProject\<default> - which is then crashing the build step because it isn't a valid Windows path.

I *can* see the master branch name in the fully-qualified build parameter:

teamcity.build.branch <default>
teamcity.build.checkoutDir C:\TeamCity\BuildAgents\agent-mulder\work\2151838a7933464d
teamcity.build.default.checkoutDir 2151838a7933464d
teamcity.build.id 16347
teamcity.build.vcs.branch.github_myproject refs/heads/master

but ideally I need to get master as the teamcity.build.branch for use in my build steps.

Can I transform the parameter at runtime? Override the <default> behaviour? I've even tried setting the VCS branch name to DO_NOT_USE in the hope that "master" would no longer match the default - but this doesn't appear to work either.

Any ideas?



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