System parameter shared between build server and build agents

Hi there,
I created a project with several build configurations. As required, I am using ClearCase as the VCS root and using server side check out.
Now here is my problem, I created a system parameter named env.Label_name, and need to dynamically generated a Label in the build script, which will be executed in a build agent. Then after the build scripts, the parameter value is assigned like: env.Label_name=dd_mm_yy.
The parameter is used to label my ClearCase, which will be executed on the build server, as ClearCase client is only installed on build server, but it seems the value is assigned in build agent, and still stay empty on build server side. Any method to share a parameter between the server and agents? Thanks for any comments.

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OK, the project leve system paremeter is already shared between server and agents, I made a mistake to include non-english character in the label which caused the label failure.


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