My Changes link takes much longer in 7.1

We upgraded to TeamCity 7.1 and now our users are reporting that the 'My Changes' link takes much longer. For me it takes about 20 seconds now. In 7.0.4 it was much faster.
We are using svn .

I've attached a stack trace using jstack.

Is this a known issue?

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I opened  . Every day developers are asking about this.

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I concur that the My Changes link is taking longer in 7.1 compared to 7.0.3

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Hi all,

I just upgraded our server 7.03 to 7.1 this morning and I see a slow down in general but for us, the changelog webpage is the worst in term of loading time. It's almost unusable now.
I rebooted the server and the performance is not improved.

Any ideas?


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