Windows Tray Notifier - Strange Login hang issue

Been using the Teamcity Tray Notifier (v 7.1.4500) under Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit quite happilly for a while now, but yesterday I got a strange issue - the tray notifier was hung on "logging in". Tried rebooting the machine, reinstalling the tray notifier, repairing it via installer, nothing worked. Eventually resolved the issue via the following:

  • Repaired via installer (think this clears saved login data?)
  • Logged into a different server running Teamcity 6.5.3 - this worked
  • Logged out again and logged into our main teamcity server (running 7.1) - tray notifier is working again

Seems like some sort of weird bug, possibly corrupt login details being saved?

There's a thread on the issue on stackoverflow over at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11993422/jetbrains-windows-tray-notifier-stuck-on-logged-in/12001721


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