TeamCity, Mercurial, VCS Labelling and Build Triggers


I am hoping for some guidance as I have been tearing my hair out for a little while now on a recursive build issue

We recently decided to start using VCS labelling on our Mercurial repository for successful builds, and this works very well. The problem is that TeamCity then triggers a build on that 'tagging' and no amount of googing or reading the TeamCity docs on Build triggering is solving my problem. I understand that I have to omit .hgtags from the build trigger, and have found various answers on the web which do not seem to work:

The tag message is as follows: Added tag build- for changeset fa61f22bf6ec

I have tried to put the following in the Build Triggers rules for my config:

  • -:root=.hgtags
  • -:/=.hgtags

but with little success. Does anyone have THE definitive answer on how to avoid a recursive build? :)



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I'm having the exact same issue. We had been using this -:/.hgtags work around in 6.5, but after upgrading to 7.1 we started seeing the problem again. It seems that the .hgtags file is being ignored, but TeamCity still sees the change set itself as a pending change. I think we're going to need some help from someone at JetBrains on this one. I can't seem to find a work around.

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-:.hgtags works perfectly in TeamCity 7.x



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