NuGet Pack Fails with "Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position..."

Basically I get the following error in the build log from Teamcity.

[14:04:56]Step 4/4: NuGet Pack

[14:04:56][Step 4/4] pack: Create NuGet package from Api.nuspec

[14:04:56][pack] NuGet command: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\tools\NuGet.CommandLine.2.0.40000.nupkg\tools\NuGet.exe pack C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\80b807d4abcbc4fd\Api.nuspec -OutputDirectory C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\80b807d4abcbc4fd\Build\Packages -BasePath C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\80b807d4abcbc4fd -Verbose -Version 2012.2012.01.18 -Properties Configuration=Release

[14:04:56][pack] Starting: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\agentTmp\custom_script6838468774622441782.cmd

[14:04:56][pack] in directory: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\80b807d4abcbc4fd

[14:04:56][pack] Attempting to build package from 'Api.nuspec'.

[14:04:56][pack] Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 22.

[14:04:56][pack] Process exited with code 1

[14:04:56][Step 4/4] Step NuGet Pack failed

Prior to step 4 the library is built and has unit tests applied. The nuspec file which is being used is as follows;


?xml version="1.0"?>
        <title>Namadgi Social API</title>
        <authors>Namadgi Systems</authors>
        <owners>Namadgi Systems</owners>
        <copyright>Copyright Namadgi Systems 2012</copyright>
            <dependency id="Newtonsoft.Json" version="4.5.9" />
            <dependency id="twitterizer" version="" />
          <dependency id="twitterizer-streaming" version="" />
        <file src="SocialMedia\Namadgi.Api.SocialMedia\bin\Debug\Namadgi.Api.SocialMedia.dll" target="lib\net40\Namadgi.Api.SocialMedia.dll" />

Why is it throwing this error? The nuspec file is created from nuget.exe itself.
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It looks like an error with XML formatting in your nuspec file.
Does it actually have spaces in the first line as displayed here?

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No that appears to be some issue with pasteing it into the forum.


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