Automatic commit failed: Perforce head revision change detection looks incorrect for moved files.

We're making good use of the personal build/delayed commit feature.

However when I move a file in perforce I'm not able to use delayed commit.

I get an error for each moved/renamed file that looks like something is wrong with the revision checking:

Perforce file's Head Revision changed after posting a Personal Build from 2 to 2. File: c:\p4\my_ws\Development\Source\File1.cs

Perforce file's Head Revision changed after posting a Personal Build from 5 to 5. File: c:\p4\my_ws\Development\Source\File2.cs

Has anybody else seen this, anybody got a workaround or should I raise this as a bug?

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Hello Andrew,

   This looks like a bug, but please clarify which version of TeamCity you're using and which IDE do you use for the delayed commit?


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TeamCity Enterprise Version 7.0.1 (build 21326) on the server.

TC Visual Studio plugin help->about reports

JetBrains TeamCity Addin 7.0
Version: 7.0.1 (build 21326)

Visual Studio 10.0.30319.1.

Copyright © 2000–2012 JetBrains s.r.o.. All rights reserved.

Perforce client is


Thanks, and let me know if you need any more info,

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Andrew, it looks like a bug. Could you please post it to the tracker with VS Addin logs attached.
You could find logs in %Temp%\JetLogs directory.

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The same issue is open for me too.
Since the author didn't report it to the bugtracker I've made it here:
Please take care about it.

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Thanks for posting that, I was on holiday.


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